Sunday, January 24, 2010

"The woods are lovely dark and deep,"

"but I have promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep" Robert Frost's Stopping by Woods on a Snow Evening of course. So much to love in my biker life this week. I am at least two posts behind but a January Hup training ride trumps all. At Natasha's Pedal Power art show mid-week Hup may have let the moment get the better of us. It was sooo awesome to be together for the first time since cross season. Nat's party was really a great night of art, friends and talking bikes and riding.
Sunday's ride was born of Natasha's plentiful beer stash and much biker love! We got the word out, invited some Vip quests and crossed our fingers that the weather God's promise of 41 and sunny would bear out. The list of who was on our dance card was impressive. Richard Fries, Sarah Bresnick, Rosey, Yash, Graham,, Eli, some new faces. 12 riders strong met up at Peets in Lexington. We rolled out at a pretty brisk pace as it was about 20 degrees colder than advertised at our 9 am departure. We had an early test of the steely nerves of the squadra as we descended in a paceline at about 25 mphs across a bridge covered in black ice! You know what no one flinched. That's what happens when you have a patron like Richard Fries policing the front! No one, and I mean no one touched their brakes. The only indication of our imminent demise was the whispered call of "ice" coming back six rows of riders. We sailed across it carved a quick right turn without missing a beat! Now that my friends is PRO. And why I trust these people with my life.
Seal Team 6 member Markie Mark earned his stripes today. He had plotted an intercept course to meet up with us at Nagog hill. We stopped for one minute and bailed on him! Sorry Mark! It was way too cold to wait. We got back up to speed and were flying in the paceline again when we see a streak of Hup bleu coming at us from out of the sun. Well really emerging from the fog as we never did see the sun on this day. The whole group was like a wolf pack welcoming a wayward alpha back into the pack! Much hooting and hollering as we passed each other at about 25 mph on opposite sides of the double yellow. Mark did a quick u-turn and was back in the group in a heartbeat.

Most of us were on our cross bikes or winter bikes. Graham was rocking a badass Seven Axiom in a black and white paintjob. Don't know if that was a "loaner" or a new bike. I need to hear more! After about an hour and half the group splintered up a bit. Graham and Richard had to peel off before Strawberry Hill, then the 45+ contingent had to beat an early exit to get back to playoff football! Granted our quick coffee at Peets post ride turned into about an hour of loitering and talking about cross 2010! Some big things coming! Man if half of it comes to fruition it will be totally off the hook. For a three hour ride I was pretty deep in bonky town! From the emails and tweets it sounds like everyone was eating through their entire houses! A Qdoba fajita steak burrito finally made me feel human again!

Graham seems pretty happy with that Axiom he is rolling on! I am going to need a full report asap. As far as my ride I am still blown away at what a great bike my easton 7000 series Rock Lobster cross bike is. Hmmm it really has me thinking I need to get my act together and dial up some sweet goodness out of Santa Cruz asap. Maybe in Scandium this time?
Yash looks a wee bit cold here. But the man is HOTT! And his new Zanc looked like a orange creamsicle just glowing in the winter haze like a beacon to follow over hill and dale. Thanks to all who made the "first" team ride of 2010 so kick ass. More to come! Next stop Otis AF Base! Can't wait for the next team ride. Hup Hup

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