Sunday, January 31, 2010

Spot Brand Longboard

On Saturday's Frozen Caryl Park/Hale reservation ride one of the MRC guys showed up on a sweet Spot Brand belt driven 29er single speed. According to the rider it was a wedding present from his wife! Can you imagine? I am admittedly in a bit of a bike crush phase right now. Its hard not to crush on bikes these days as people have finally broken out of the Trek/Specialized/Cannondale cookie cutter bike mode and are buying bikes with dare I say it soul. Well this bike has a ton of soul.
Sweet belt drive single speed love

29er Nokians! That's some big meaty rubber with studs to keep you upright on an icy day.
Pearl White with sparkling blue accents. Very classy

What's this little detail? According to Michael Lowry the lucky rider of this bike its a adapter to hold onto his dog's leash so he can walk the dog while riding. How crazy is that?

Very sweet bike and another of those bikes that just catch your eye and make you say nice....god I love all things two wheeled at this point

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